June 30, 2008

"Can You Find It?" ends first run of Family Podcast

The most recent episode of the They Might Be Giants Friday Night Video Podcast was released at the break of the weekend last week after some apparent feed trouble. Continuing the Spaceman and Robot month of June, John and John in their gear start us off with "Can You Find It?" from Here Come the ABCs.

After some robot jokes, the broom introduces "The Secret Life of Six" while incognito. Once this video, from Here Come the 123s, has completed, our friend Addison the Sock once again prompts Flansburgh to read off some kids' show tour dates. As spaceman and robot Johns sing us out, a message appears that informs us the Family Podcast will be taking a break until the fall.

The podcast had an impressive first run totaling 27 episodes. Starting with two episodes last year, the show has only missed one Friday since its launch on the first Friday of January. Be sure to remain subscribed to the iTunes or web feed to automatically be informed of when the podcast comes back.

June 27, 2008

Japanese and compilation albums

While They Might Be Giants' Family Podcast may or may not be out this week, fellow fan Hine has been following the release of The Else and Venue Songs in Japan, which just came out this week. If people get the albums at select stores they'll get a pin of her design, and according to the images posted, the Japanese Else comes with three bonus tracks: "Brain Problem Situation," "We Live in a Dump," and "I'm Your Boyfriend Now."

Speaking of "We Live in a Dump," TMBW has posted a link to the website for the Rock the Net compilation, which the song appears on. At that website the entire album is available for streaming and digital purchase, noting that the physical CD will be in stores on July 29.

June 24, 2008

TMBG tribute album, dance moves

This Might Be a Wiki is organizing a new They Might Be Giants tribute album. The idea behind the project is to cover old and likely forgotten Dial-A-Song songs and any fan can contribute. There are already several covers that have been submitted and many more expected to be. If you're at all musically inclined, go ahead and try your best to make this a great tribute album.

PBS's "Go Go Summer" campaign, which features an original song by TMBG, is well underway. While before, the abridged commercial for the campaign was online, now, the extended video covering the entire TMBG song is up on the PBS website. Included with this video are dance moves so you and your little ones can follow along to the dancing in the video.

June 20, 2008

"Go for G!" and more on Family Podcast

They Might Be Giants' Friday night video podcast makes its weekly appearance today with a new episode. With Spaceman and Robot month continuing, the Johns in their spaceman and robot outfits introduce "Go for G!" from Here Come the ABCs. In what must be a celebration of the festive month, "I am a Robot," in which a robot and little girl recite the alphabet, is played yet again.

After this pair of videos, we are treated to another of Linnell's hilariously deadpan robot jokes and a third video for the night: "Eight Hundred and Thirteen Mile Car Trip" from Here Come the 123s. Ending the episode, spaceman Flansburgh and robot Linnell sing us out with their goodbye song.

June 18, 2008

Linnell interview, shows into next year

The Press of Atlantic City had an interview with John Linnell earlier this month that slipped by. The interview promoted TMBG's appearance at the Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival. Pointed out by the TMBG LJ group, the article mentions the influence of certain substances on the band, among other topics.

In show news, TMBW has posted several new shows for the fall and into next year in New York City. Most take place at Le Poisson Rouge, home of the former Village Gate, an early venue in They Might Be Giants show history.

June 13, 2008

Robot podcast, Flans interview

The newest installment of the Family Podcast is now available online. Continuing Spaceman and Robot month, Flansburgh and Linnell greet us in their spaceman and robot outfit, respectively. Up first is "I am a Robot," a DVD only track from Here Come the ABCs. Then, in the fashion of May Day, the Johns tell some hilarious robot jokes.

We soon meet Addison the Sock, who introduces a Disney tour announcement from Flans. Rounding out the episode, spaceman Flansburgh and robot Linnell sing "A Shooting Star is Not a Star."

The Charlotte Observer has a short word with John Flansburgh in preparation for TMBG's upcoming shows in Charlotte, NC this weekend. As two of the three concerts are sold-out children's shows, the article focuses in that area, asking of children's music from Flans' childhood and the pluses of children's and TV work.

June 12, 2008

Some reminders

The TMBG MySpace blog has updated to remind everyone that there is a show on Saturday in Charlotte, NC.

But more importantly, today is John Linnell's birthday! Go wish him a happy birthday on their MySpace or Facebook pages.

June 10, 2008

Photos and good kids' songs

They Might Be Giants have been appearing online in various places in the last couple of days. One such appearance is in a list of "top 10 kids' songs that don't suck" on one of Paste magazine's blogs. Two of TMBG's songs make the list at numbers five and three.

John Flansburgh and John Linnell are seen at Allen & Delancey in a photo for a Time Out New York article on the restaurant available online. The article is completely unrelated to TMBG except for the image, but there you have it.

Farmanimalsrock from the TMBG LiveJournal community found photos of the They Might Be Giants show at Big Twig Studio a few months ago on the WJFF website. WJFF, who aired the concert live, is still hosting the pre-show interview with John and John on their website for streaming and download.

In other distant show news, TMBW is reporting a new show has appeared on the band's booking agency's website for September in Minneapolis, MN, giving you plenty of time to plan for the concert.

June 6, 2008

Spaceman and Robot month on Family Podcast

It's June this week and They Might Be Giants are celebrating Spaceman and Robot month on the Family Podcast. Spaceman Flansburgh and robot Linnell host the Friday night video podcast and start us off with "Nine Bowls of Soup" from Here Come the 123s.

After the video, John and John give us a performance of "Robot Parade" from No!, sung by robot Linnell instead of Flansburgh as it usually is. The puppets have sung three other songs in the podcast, viz.: "Fibber Island," "Older," and "I Am Not Your Broom."

The spaceman and the robot then sing us out, letting us know it's time for them to go for another week.

June 4, 2008

PBS video, newsletter, pictures online

June is here and that means PBS has begun its "Go Go Summer" campaign to get kids active over the summer months. Posted on their website is the campaign's music video with music by They Might Be Giants. Also on the site is the full version of the song available for streaming.

A new TMBG newsletter has been sent out today with news from the band. It includes a still from the video for "Ballad of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space)," our first look at the video. You can pick up the song separately from the album on iTunes. Flans also reports with news from the road on their trip to Kansas City. You can subscribe for your own copy of the newsletter at tmbg.com.

Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child interviewed John Flansburgh earlier this year. The recording of the interview wasn't able to be recovered, but pictures from their meeting have now been posted online.