May 14, 2008

TMBG "Get Up and Go" with PBS

This summer, PBS will begin airing a music video called "Get Up and Go" between shows. The music in this video is by none other than They Might Be Giants. The spot is part of a campaign to get kids thinking healthily and getting active over the summer months. In addition to appearing on television, an extended version of the video will be played in movie theaters before certain showings. This extended version will also be made available for download on the PBS Kids Go website and will be accompanied by a "printable and customizable dance sequence."

This isn't the first time TMBG has worked with PBS. A few years ago, they were part of the "Share a Story" campaign and similarly contributed a song for a music video.

A smaller recent appearance is in an article on children's music in The Globe and Mail today. While the article focuses on Barenaked Ladies' new kids' album, They Might Be Giants are mentioned and John Flansburgh has a quick word on the type of children's music he grew up with.

Lastly is a recording of the Star Hill venue song live on WNRN before a show at the venue. And while the concert may have taken place last year, the audio-only video was just uploaded yesterday.

[As a side note, I haven't been linking to concert videos in a while mostly because I'm not sure how I should go about it. If anyone has any smart ideas on how to collect them in one place, go ahead and shout.]

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