June 24, 2008

TMBG tribute album, dance moves

This Might Be a Wiki is organizing a new They Might Be Giants tribute album. The idea behind the project is to cover old and likely forgotten Dial-A-Song songs and any fan can contribute. There are already several covers that have been submitted and many more expected to be. If you're at all musically inclined, go ahead and try your best to make this a great tribute album.

PBS's "Go Go Summer" campaign, which features an original song by TMBG, is well underway. While before, the abridged commercial for the campaign was online, now, the extended video covering the entire TMBG song is up on the PBS website. Included with this video are dance moves so you and your little ones can follow along to the dancing in the video.

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Brad said...

Hey, dropped you a note about the tribute album at your gmail account. Wasn't sure what other email address to use, but i wanted to give you a heads up, in case you don't check it often.