July 23, 2008

"Davy Crockett" and new Disney dates

While July may have mostly been a quiet month for They Might Be Giants, they're ending it with a bang. A new music video has been uploaded to the Family Podcast feed for "Davy Crockett (In Outer Space)." The video uses some great animation ideas including the use of chalk and felt with 2D and 3D effects. The song is included in the Disney Music Block Party CD, for which TMBG will be touring.

A new TMBG newsletter sent out today reminds everyone that they will begin this very Block Party tour this weekend and into next week in five shows. Not mentioned is that, due to Barenaked Ladies canceling their appearances, They Might Be Giants have added three additional dates on the kids festival in late August.

In non-Disney show news, the band used the newsletter to announce two free audience appreciation shows at the Mohegan Sun. As usual, TMBW has a big list of all of upcoming shows, so look for the locations nearest you.

Finally, the newsletter makes mention that Dan Miller was recently married. Making the rounds online is an article from The New York Times about the courtship and wedding. The article also includes links to a song written by Dan for his bride and another article concerning the wedding dress. Congratulations Dan!

July 4, 2008

John Linnell on The Else and No!

In the break before TMBG's upcoming Disney tour dates, LiveDaily has an interview with John Linnell. Linnell speaks about how they worked with the Dust Bros. on The Else and where he thinks that album stands in their catalog, saying:
I think "The Else" was a spike in popularity for us. That partly represented people who hadn't been paying attention to us, who [hadn't taken] notice, and there's probably some new fans who got interested in [us at] that point and maybe felt like it was better than the last couple They Might Be Giants records.

He also gives a good summary of how their first children's album, No!, came about, his thoughts on the Disney Music Block Party Tour, and going back to the old Village Gate.