September 26, 2008

Strong Bad, Podcast, and NPR

The two Johns have collaborated with the chaps behind Homestar Runner several times before in projects from music videos to jam sessions. This week, they provide an opening number for Strong Bad's monumental 200th e-mail video. You can download the song by clicking the 'A' in "Emails" at the end. You might also remember that a song was provided for the e-mail "different town."

Just after the release of They Might Be Giants Podcast 36A is a special 36B. A "rare glimpse of the secret coolness that was Hello," says a newsletter announcing the installment, in this episode host John Flansburgh plays through his Hello Recording Club's 1993 Sampler which includes music from Frank Black, The Residents, Eugene Chadbourne, and others from the Hello catalog.

Finally, we have a double dosing of NPR as TMBW links to a segment from All Things Considered on music for kids and adults. Informed by Stefan Shepherd over at Zooglobble, the piece plays a few clips from bands including They Might Be Giants.

If you are looking for more TMBG than clips, the band's second appearance via the public radio organization this week may be just what you are looking for. Linked to by The Pitch's Wayward Blog, a They Might Be Giants live set on Mountain Stage was re-broadcast this week and you can listen online. [EDIT: An curious e-mailer asked me to clarify that this is actually a rather old performance, but it was played again on Tuesday.]

September 19, 2008

Podcast 36A, interviews, and more

I have so many links this week I may need to start updating more frequently again. Starting out from the weekend, TMBG's Sunday appearance on Out Of The Box on Q104.3 has been archived on the show's site for both streaming and downloading. John, John, and Marty were interviewed and played some songs live in the studio.

Plush You, a blog dedicated to handcrafted plush items, interviewed TMBG collaborator Hine Mizushima this week. The interview gives us some info on her creative background and explains how she got involved in making videos ("With the Dark," "The Secret Life of Six") for They Might Be Giants.

In movie news, it seems that there won't be as much TMBG in Coraline as everyone originally thought. visited the set of the movie sat down with director Henry Selick. Selick states that the film was initially going to feature more songs but it has since been limited to "a few moments of music.", who attended the same set visit, lets us know that only one of the songs They Might Be Giants wrote for the film will ultimately make it on screen. You may remember that "Careful What You Pack" came from these unused songs. In addition to relaying some behind the scenes interactions with the band, Selick informs us that Bruno Coulais is scoring the film, in case you pondered if TMBG had involvement in that as well.

Coraline won't get wide release until next year, so if you're looking for a TMBG fix, hit up the They Might Be Giants Podcast. Released yesterday as an early preview on their MySpace page, Podcast 36A has been sent out. Songs from the podcast include a few from their ringtone projects, a Beatles cover, and more. The podcast-announcing newsletter states a 36B is on the way.

Wrapping up a post too long for its own good is the rumor mill. "Tippecanoe And Tyler Too" was played in today's podcast and Flansburgh reminds everyone to go out and vote (for the people they're going to vote for). It looks like John may be getting a little more active than that in spreading the good vibes for his candidate of choice. A Twitter post from a one Mr. Noah Carter indicates that They Might Be Giants will be making an appearance at a supporter-organized fundraising event for Barack Obama.

So who is Noah Carter? I have no idea either, but he's listed as one of the hosts of the event along with several relatively famous people from the New York area. The event itself is in Brooklyn on October 6th and TMBG has a show in New York on the 5th so this wouldn't be out of their way. It's also not noted if they will be performing or just showing face.

September 12, 2008

Newsletter notifies of radio appearance

A new TMBG newsletter and MySpace post were sent out this week with the latest from the band. In addition to listing upcoming shows from this weekend into the next year, John F. also mentions that they are "back on the road and back in the studio this month."

The e-mail also gives us notice that They Might Be Giants will be appearing live on New York's 104.3FM on Sunday at 9 pm. If you're not in the New York area, you can listen to the show live on the station's website.

Lastly, and this is an odd one, it appears that TMBG's music has found it's way into a kid friendly "operating system." The application is called KIDOS and it purports to be a safe way for kids to use a computer and communicate online and so on. They Might Be Giants' music, likely select tracks from their Disney efforts, will be purchasable via an iTunes-like online store. You can't make this stuff up folks! Don't expect this to make a splash.

September 5, 2008

They Might Be Giants live in 1997

A contributor to TMBW has posted that Laura Cantrell's Radio Thrift Shop played a live, 1997 performance by They Might Be Giants last week. Originally broadcast live on the same show years prior, the concert was held at the Museum of Television and Radio. Last week's show is archived on and TMBG's set starts at 1:53:00 in.

The half hour set includes "Counterfeit Faker," later released on 1999's online-only Long Tall Weekend; an early "Doctor Worm;" the original, slower version of "Finished With Lies," a faster version of which would appear on Mink Car four years later; among others. Hosts Laura Cantrell and Nick Hill had also both previously collaborated on songs with They Might Be Giants.