November 21, 2008

New T-shirts for the holidays

The most recent TMBG newsletter starts spreading the holiday cheer with new They Might Be Giants shirts and bundles! The new designs, which have already made appearances at concerts on shirts and as backdrops, include an illustration by Hine Mizushima. (You can see the full-color original on Flickr.)

Last month, Spare the Rock interviewed John and John in Northampton, MA before a show. Pictures of the meeting were taken and appear on the radio show's Facebook page.

John Hodgman, who stars in the upcoming Coraline with some music by They Might Be Giants, gave an interview to the Oxford Town recently. At the end of the interview, John tells how he came to work with TMBG and, also, that he recorded a version of TMBG's Coraline song himself. But it appears that his voice will not be used in the film.