June 30, 2008

"Can You Find It?" ends first run of Family Podcast

The most recent episode of the They Might Be Giants Friday Night Video Podcast was released at the break of the weekend last week after some apparent feed trouble. Continuing the Spaceman and Robot month of June, John and John in their gear start us off with "Can You Find It?" from Here Come the ABCs.

After some robot jokes, the broom introduces "The Secret Life of Six" while incognito. Once this video, from Here Come the 123s, has completed, our friend Addison the Sock once again prompts Flansburgh to read off some kids' show tour dates. As spaceman and robot Johns sing us out, a message appears that informs us the Family Podcast will be taking a break until the fall.

The podcast had an impressive first run totaling 27 episodes. Starting with two episodes last year, the show has only missed one Friday since its launch on the first Friday of January. Be sure to remain subscribed to the iTunes or web feed to automatically be informed of when the podcast comes back.

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