March 21, 2008

"Nine Bowls of Soup" spills onto Family Podcast

They Might Be Giants' family video podcast is online with a new episode. John and John get energetic as they introduce the video for "Nine Bowls of Soup" from the Here Come the 123s CD/DVD set. The bouncy, brightly colored video follows an ichthyosaur as he balances the soup he won't share.

Following this video is a performance of "Older" by the puppet Johns, much like they did for "Fibber Island" a few weeks ago. They've said that writing for children is the same as writing for adults, except without all of the death. Apparently that doesn't apply to performing! The puppets give a great rendition anyway and then, in a fit of déjà vu, the closing goodbye song is from the "Seven" episode--including the Here Come the ABCs intro that had followed "Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?"

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