June 13, 2008

Robot podcast, Flans interview

The newest installment of the Family Podcast is now available online. Continuing Spaceman and Robot month, Flansburgh and Linnell greet us in their spaceman and robot outfit, respectively. Up first is "I am a Robot," a DVD only track from Here Come the ABCs. Then, in the fashion of May Day, the Johns tell some hilarious robot jokes.

We soon meet Addison the Sock, who introduces a Disney tour announcement from Flans. Rounding out the episode, spaceman Flansburgh and robot Linnell sing "A Shooting Star is Not a Star."

The Charlotte Observer has a short word with John Flansburgh in preparation for TMBG's upcoming shows in Charlotte, NC this weekend. As two of the three concerts are sold-out children's shows, the article focuses in that area, asking of children's music from Flans' childhood and the pluses of children's and TV work.

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