May 30, 2008

Family podcast, net neutrality album

They Might Be Giants' Friday Night Family Podcast updates again today. This episode starts us off with puppet Linnell and the broom introducing "Even Numbers" from Here Come the 123s. After the video, Linnell and the broom perform a rendition of "I Am Not Your Broom" from TMBG's first album for kids, No! Closing out the episode, puppet Flansburgh joins Linnell to give a goodbye chant.

After a few weeks of delaying, the Disney Music Block Party Tour website is finally up and running. There, you can get all of the information you've been looking for including who's playing where, how much tickets cost, and other details.

A while back, there was word that They Might Be Giants would be contributing to an album in support of net neutrality. While TMBG and other acts were mentioned as on the compilation, there wasn't any other information about the project. Today CMJ has posted an article with more information about the album, which is titled Rock the Net: Musicians for Net Neutrality. According to the article, the album will drop on July 29 and we see from the track listing posted that the opening track will be They Might Be Giants' "We Live in a Dump." ClickZ has posted an album cover as well. Both articles link to the Rock the Net website which currently has zero information about the album.

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