February 8, 2008

Interviews, shows, and video games

A nice interview with the recently popular John Linnell has appeared on Babble, a parenting website. The interview covers "babies, bad shows and Brooklyn" and has some really interesting and funny quotes from John. Here, he give us an idea of how long their first kid's album was in progress:
"He [his son, Henry] heard No! before it came out, and by the time it came out he was intimately familiar with it — which is funny. We actually recorded it before he was born, but it took that long for the record to be released."

A while back TMBG announced they would be appearing in an expansion pack for The Sims video game, re-recording "Take Out the Trash" in the gibberish language of the characters. A little more information has been released on the game, which is titled The Sims 2: FreeTime and to be released February 26, and a full track listing has appeared for it's soundtrack. They Might Be Giants also mentioned that they'd recorded a new version of "The Sims 2 Theme," originally composed by Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh, with their regular horn section of Dan, Stan, and Kurt. You can hear the original version online and get an idea of how it will sound.

A new newsletter has been sent out and Flans reveals he's currently in France. The mailing also reminds of some radio shows, such as their appearance on WXPN's "World Café," which is now archived on the show's website. There, you can listen to the half hour with They Might Be Giants as they are interviewed and play several songs live. The newsletter also, along with a MySpace blog posting, gives notice to their fans in Omaha, NE of a free screening of Gigantic at The Waiting Room Lounge.

Finally, via leolapyre on the TMBG LJ group, They Might Be Giants will be performing their first of many in-stores at Borders on February 23, promoting Here Come the 123s.

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