February 12, 2008

Presidential podcast coming Friday

Today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday and Friday next week will be George Washington's. But neither take place on Presidents' Day. The holiday is next Monday and celebrates the birthdays of these two presidents. They Might Be Giants are getting in on the celebrating in character, as pointed out by their blog, on family podcast number two after the release of Here Come the 123s.

An article on TMBG by Billboard has been reprinted by Reuters online. The article tells of their success in children's music and gives some info on how they got started in the kids market. Linnell mentions that it took a while to get No! released (as told in a recent interview), eventually putting it out under their own imprint, Idlewild.

Finally, the TMBG website and MySpace blog make note of a special Student ID Appreciation Show taking place in Atlanta, GA on March 15. Bring your student ID and get five dollars off of the normal ticket price! Note that this is for the later, 6:30 show and not the earlier 3 o'clock show for kids and families.

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