February 8, 2008

Family Podcast continues with "Figure Eight"

They Might Be Giants' Family Podcast returns, even after Here Come the 123s has been released, to entertain us on this Friday; and entertain it does. As theymightbegiants.com pointed out yesterday, John Linnell plays the part of The Hippie Man and John Flansburgh sings his best as The Queen of England in an episode for Valentine's Day.

The featured music video this week is "Figure Eight," animated by the Brothers Chaps from Homestar Runner. They also animated the video for "Experimental Film" from The Spine which apparently made it onto MTV2 at the time. The video is fun and colorful and depicts it's concepts well, showing the number eight in many forms and in many places. Of course, the song is great too with some interesting ways to think about how to describe the shape of an eight.

The second music video is "L M N O" from Here Come the ABCs. After the two videos, the puppet Johns change it up and sing a different song to end the podcast. But the usual goodbye song can be heard briefly as the episode comes to a close.

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