January 22, 2008

Linnell interviewed, "I'm Impressed" explained

A new interview with John Linnell has been posted on the Gothamist website and pointed out by TMBG's MySpace blog. Linnell speaks on fans, playing the same songs again and again, and nearly hitting a famous poet with a van. The rarely interviewed John gives an interesting read and a wide range of topics are covered. One bit that stuck out to me was a side note on what they are thinking about working on next.
"We’ve sort of cooked up a rough idea for the Disney DVD that will follow this one and at this point we’re thinking it will just generally be about science for kids."

A science oriented DVD is an intriguing idea. I would like to see how John and John handle concepts more difficult than those of letters and numbers. What other ideas for kids projects might they work on? Mathematics, geography, and history are the first that come to my mind.

Also posted today is an insider's look into the creation of a They Might Be Giants music video. An anonymous editor on This Might Be a Wiki has posted his or her insight into the creation of the video for "I'm Impressed" and on the meaning behind it. The insider, who had interned at Bent Image Lab, tells why everything is made of paper, what political undertones the video carries, and what instructions were received from the band: "There must [be] a leader, and he must get killed." Read the entire piece over at TMBW.

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