February 4, 2008

Interview and 123s goodies

It's the day before the release of Here Come the 123s so I've got a few links for that. But first, an interview linked from the TMBG MySpace blog over the weekend. Stay Thirsty Media talked with John Linnell on a range of topics including the how they got started recording children's music, having artistic freedom, and their perceived educational nature.

The Disney artist page for They Might Be Giants has several wallpapers and AIM icons from Here Come the 123s as well as from Here Come the ABCs. It includes images of characters from "The Secret Life of Six" and "Zeroes," which the red owl on the cover is from, among others. You can also watch the video for "Zeroes" and a shortened version of the "One Everything" video if you are still looking for more from the DVD before it comes out.

In the Biography section, a press release is reprinted from TMBG's marketing people. The piece has three parts: the standard press release section, an interview with Flansburgh and Linnell in which they discuss Sesame Street and Dr. Suess, and a list of all of the songs on 123s with the Johns giving a short sentence or two about the song or video for it. It's an interesting read and I like this quote in particular about the creators beind the music videos:
"'They're not amateur,' Flansburgh says, 'but they represent an exploding creativity somewhere beyond routine movie studios or video production companies. These are people, I believe, who twenty years ago would have been making low-budget rock videos.'"

That seems like just the kind of thing They Might Be Giants would support, and the quality of the videos shows that this is a fine group of people they're working with. This is that last extra nudge to pick up the album tomorrow or order it online.

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