January 28, 2008

Interviews and 123s speculation

A Flansburgh interview with the NY Daily News appeared over the weekend. The article discusses Here Come the 123s and compares it and its audience to The Else and its, noting that many fans enjoy both. Additionally, the They Might Be Giants MySpace Blog points us to an older interview with Gearlog. This is a great interview from a couple of months ago that really focuses on the technologies used by the band. Examining Dial-A-Song, wax cylinders, and the Internet, Flans talks about how using technology is a means to an end and shouldn't distract listeners from the final product. Make sure to read part two of the interview as well.

The blog over at theymightbegiants.com updated and contains an image promoting Here Come the 123s. In it we see several characters from the included music videos. One of which is the boy in a spaceship from the "Planets" video. It's still unknown how this will appear in the 123s package as none of the promotional material or track listings mention a song of that name. It's possible that the song is not called "Planets" at all and is actually titled something different. In this case, my guess goes to "One Two Three Four" for which a video is included in the Amazon package. This is a shallow guess, but it is the only song that hasn't been heard yet and I doubt that "Planets" is one of the songs available for previewing.

Now that that's out of the way, let me also mention the panda bear puppet on the left. Hine Mizushima, creator of TMBG Puppets Shoot "Ana Ng" and the video for "With the Dark," points out the animal to us, suggesting this is one of her creations. This would be for her contribution to Here Come the 123s: the music video for "The Secret Life of Six."

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