January 21, 2008

New "Planets" discovered

Colourmovie has made quite a few music videos for They Might Be Giants from the videos for "Here Come the ABCs," "Alphabet of Nations," "L M N O," and "Clap Your Hands" from the Here Come the ABCs DVD to "Asheville" from the Venue Songs set to the video for "The Shadow Government" from The Else and most recently "Even Numbers" (and possibly others) from the Here Come the 123s DVD. Their latest effort is for a song we haven't even heard of yet.

A short preview has shown up on their website for a TMBG song called "Planets." In the clip, which shows the first ten seconds of the full animated video, we see a cameo by the owl from "Even Numbers" as well as by John and John themselves. The music is a rocking piece which starts with John Linnell singing "Mercury;" the first planet from the Sun. I think it's a safe bet that the song moves through our solar system listing the planets as it goes. Maybe the planets are sung about individually as well.

Was this song supposed to be on Here Come the 123s? Is it still slated to appear on it? Perhaps as a bonus track? There are nine planets that they could sing about... OK, so maybe eight planets depending on if Pluto is included. Maybe that's why this song has been kept in the dark: it is out of date!

Only time will tell how this song or video will get released to the masses--maybe it'll even be seen in the Family Podcast--but until then we'll all wait in eager anticipation.


Brad said...

Perhaps it's for the next science-related album that TMBG will be working on, according to the Gothamist article.

go said...

Astute observation, but I don't know if they'd be so far ahead in their planning to hire someone for a video already. Here Come the 123s isn't even out yet!