January 25, 2008

"813 Mile Car Trip" hits the Family Podcast

"Eight Hundred and Thirteen Mile Car Trip" is the most recent entry in the They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast promoting Here Come the 123s. The concept of incredibly long car trips and counting the things you see outside is a familiar one to many, children and adult alike, but most don't share the same enthusiasm that those in the video display. If the video seems familiar to you, perhaps it is because it seems to be animated by Pascal Campion, the same person who animated the video for the "Pittsburgh" venue song. The video shares some resemblance to the one for the Mr. Small's and you can see another similar animation on his site.

The Flansburgh and Linnell puppets introduce the video wearing a mustache and goggles, respectively. They sing a song about riding in motorcars and wearing a mustache and goggles that made me laugh quite a lot. I don't think the puppet segments will get stale any time soon. The other video included in the podcast is "D is for Drums" from Here Come the ABCs. Exiting the podcast is the goodbye song again with the Johns still dressed up in their car-riding garb.

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