January 29, 2008

TMBG Podcast 31A and newsletter

The first new podcast of the year is upon us with 31A. Recently, the "I Never Go to Work" episode from the Family Podcast was entered into the feed--perhaps to give podcast listeners a heads up on their activities--but this is the first in their regular, adult series. The songs include the most recent Free Tunes, some songs from Here Come the 123s, and "a song from some one night thing," says the accompanying TMBG newsletter.

The newsletter includes an entry from the Flansblog 9000 wherein Flans gives his reaction to "No!" being played on American Idol and the possibility of Paula Abdul having heard their music. He also sends a heads up to the people going or considering going to the upcoming show at the Beacon Theatre. Apparently, they've never played "Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal" before and this show will be its first time live. They are also appearing on Surface Noise this week on XM 44, the Fred channel, where you can hear them play the XM songs featured in the podcast. If you don't already get the newsletter, sign up today and get free MP3s.

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