August 22, 2008

Here Comes Science named as next children's album

In this week's online wrap up we have an interview with John Flansburgh. The Super Cool Stuff Show podcast asked John some questions (about six minutes in) and got some news with his answers.

Back in January, John Linnell made known their idea to make a DVD about science for kids. Flansburgh confirms this and that Here Comes Science will be their next album with the possibility of an EP showing up before the next non-kids album.

Other interesting points of the discussion include the show that reminds Flans of childhood memories and that they are involved in writing a song for the World of Warcraft community. The beefy parts of the interview are transcribed at Blogcritics.

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Terry said...

Hey, this is Terry from the Super Cool Stuff Show, just wanted to thank you for putting up a post involving my interview, you're frickin' awesome!