March 13, 2008

Podcast 32B interviews John and John

Podcast 32B has arrived and They Might Be Giants share their earliest musical memories with WBHM in Birmingham, AL. They also give some pretty good insight into the writing process for creating a song and talk about the difficulty in putting on an entertaining show. It really is a good interview and definitely deserves its place in the podcast.

A TMBG newsletter was sent out not long ago. In it are some updates on their MySpace profile totaling over a million views and 60 thousand friends. It also seems that the next Family Podcast will include videos for "Seven Days of the Week" and "I Can Add."

An interview, linked from TMBW, with John Linnell is up on the site for the University of Windsor's campus newspaper The Lance. The interview has Linnell tell the paper that "Seven" was originally slated for The Else and that, yes, Dial-A-Song is dead.

An interview with John Flansburgh by The Hook in Charlottesville, VA also mentions Dial-A-Song and its permanence in the culture. It also has some interesting remarks on venues from the Venue Songs project that have since closed.

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