March 14, 2008

"I Can Add," new shows, and interview

A new Friday Night Family Podcast has been released today. In it are two videos from Here Come the 123s, "I Can Add" and "Seven Days of the Week," which is seeing its second showing on the Family Podcast.

Three new shows have appeared on's shows listing. Two are for a family show and an adult show on April 19, in Albany, NY. Another new show is for June 7, at the Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival in Elmer, NJ. A new TMBG newsletter has been sent out that also announces these shows as well as mentioning Podcast 32B.

An interview from yesterday has John, John, and Dan appearing on talk station Real Radio and playing a few songs live. In addition to four songs, TMBG talks a lot about getting jobs as theme writers and how that works. The Beat Swamp has the 40-minute (commercials included) segment recorded.

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