February 20, 2008

Spring tour starting next week

They Might Be Giants have put out a new MySpace message recently, noting that they begin their spring tour in earnest next week. While they'll likely be promoting The Else throughout the tour, they'll no doubt be playing some songs from Here Come the 123s as well. This will be the first time we hear any of these songs live, so if you get a chance to see them in concert, you may hear a debut.

The TMBG LiveJournal community has settled on their favorite They Might Be Giants album with a rough battle between Flood and Lincoln. Lincoln ended up victorious and took the prize. JJRRutgers keeps the debates going though, with a new tournament to find their favorite They Might Be Giants opening act. With 50 different acts to choose from, this selection covers a wide range of TMBG history. Go vote and help your favorite act win!

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