February 15, 2008

"Number Two" pairs with "E Eats Everything"

The They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast has updated its feed with a new episode. This week it's "Number Two," as foretold by the latest newsletter. Starring Robin Goldwasser's puppets, the video illustrates the bond of friendship. And the song, written (and possibly sung?) by Danny Weinkauf, is one of my newest favorites from Here Come the 123s.

The Johns continue to one up themselves, giving hilarious performances as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. John Linnell's speech as Washington is so hampered by his wooden teeth it's unintelligible. The second video, from Here Come the ABCs, is "E Eats Everything." As the puppets sing goodbye we can only wait another week to see what is in store for us on the next video podcast.

In the TMBG LJ community, the second tournament is coming to a close. The finals in the "favorite album" tournament is down to Lincoln and Flood. Go vote and help your favorite album win!

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