February 5, 2008

New podcast released alongside Here Come the 123s

Hooray! Let's celebrate the release of Here Come the 123s with the announcement of two new shows on April 20 at 1 o'clock and 4 o'clock at The Town Hall in New York.

Here Come the 123s is They Might Be Giants' second (and in my opinion, much more solid) children's CD/DVD set and you can own it today! No CD- or DVD-only versions this time around; any way you buy the physical media, you get both. You can purchase it online directly from the band through the They Might Be Giants Merch Store, order the Amazon version with bonus tracks, or even download it on iTunes and listen right away.

Hot off the presses is the amazing Podcast 32A with over twenty minutes of live tracks, new songs, and very old demos. The songs include "Birdhouse in Your Soul," "Hell Hotel," "Now That I Have Everything," and other fantastic tunes that you may or may not have ever heard before. Subscribe to their web or iTunes feed to hear the podcasts before anyone else, and check out This Might Be a Wiki for more info on this episode.

Stay tuned in to the Family Podcast as well, because I hear that Friday's episode will show its hippie love for Valentine's Day. The music video? Well, it's a lion!

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