January 11, 2008

Family Podcast returns with "Even Numbers"

They Might Be Giants have released the newest entry in their Friday Night Family Podcast. This time we get a double dosing of videos. First up is "Even Numbers," a song with potentially confusing lyrics such as
"You like French fries, but you don't like French fries. You've got socks on, but you don't have socks on. You're a girl, but you're a boy. Girl. Boy. Girl."

As always, the animation is beautiful in this new video from Here Come the 123s. Following this video, we are then shown a video from their previous kids CD/DVD set Here Come the ABCs: the instrumental "Letter Shapes."

We may be treated to a double dosing of videos, but we get a quadruple dosing of songs. Introducing "Even Numbers" we hear a short song by John Linnell. While that song sounds impromptu, the goodbye song after "Letter Shapes" is a sweet and touching song sung by the Flans and Linnell puppet hosts. It's one I hope we get to hear at the end of each of the remaining podcasts. It also includes a "bah bah-bah bah bahh" that may be what Hine Mizushima was hinting at. Maybe this goodbye song (or a variation of it) is on the DVD?

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