January 14, 2008

Book stealing, puppet making fans

Some They Might Be Giants related links from over the weekend to collect here. A post on the TMBG MySpace blog points out an article about the best selling and most stolen books at various book stores in St. Louis, MO. One particular shop, Subterranean Books, told the Riverfront Times that their most stolen book is They Might Be Giants' Bed, Bed, Bed. "I wouldn't think They Might Be Giants fans would normally be thieves," said the owner. That there are enough TMBG fans who live in St. Louis who steal the book instead of buying it more than any other book in the store makes me wonder just how many fans there are in St. Louis. I would think more people buy it, right?

Via Kermo on the TMBG LJ group, we find that a crafty mother knit a John Linnell puppet for her daughter. The puppet (pictured above) is a great recreation of the puppet from TMBG's children DVDs made a little more kid-safe. Puppet Johns for kids sounds like a good merchandising opportunity, though I may be saying that because I want one myself or to gift.

A new show has popped up on This Might Be A Wiki's shows page from TMBG's booking agency High Road Touring. The show, on Friday, April 18, will be in Roscoe, NY at Big Twig Studio.

Finally, you may know that They Might Be Giants are writing music for the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Coraline. Nothing TMBG specifically, but recently a short preview of what's to come has shown up online and today Gaiman himself points out that a trailer (filmed from the theater screen) has shown up on YouTube. Check it out while you can if you're interested.

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