October 17, 2008

Info on past and future videos

This Might Be A Wiki, that wonderful, user-created guide to all things TMBG, has the good info this week. First is an insider's look at the "Dallas" (aka "Trees") Venue Song's video by the folks at Asterisk Animation. The blog post details how they got people involved in the project and includes video and images of the work in progress. It's an interesting read into the process of getting things done by working with who you know.

If you are wondering with the rest of us what Here Comes Science will bring, TMBW also found a blog post that suggests Tiny Inventions, creators of the "Davy Crockett" video, is working on a new video for the upcoming CD/DVD set. The post tells us that the video will be a "collage of all different mediums: cut paper, After Effects, stop-motion, and 3d CGI," much like their previous video for the band.

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