September 12, 2008

Newsletter notifies of radio appearance

A new TMBG newsletter and MySpace post were sent out this week with the latest from the band. In addition to listing upcoming shows from this weekend into the next year, John F. also mentions that they are "back on the road and back in the studio this month."

The e-mail also gives us notice that They Might Be Giants will be appearing live on New York's 104.3FM on Sunday at 9 pm. If you're not in the New York area, you can listen to the show live on the station's website.

Lastly, and this is an odd one, it appears that TMBG's music has found it's way into a kid friendly "operating system." The application is called KIDOS and it purports to be a safe way for kids to use a computer and communicate online and so on. They Might Be Giants' music, likely select tracks from their Disney efforts, will be purchasable via an iTunes-like online store. You can't make this stuff up folks! Don't expect this to make a splash.

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