April 2, 2008

Hannah Levine interview, music video tourney

Kids links are the flavor of the day today. Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child has an interview with "One Dozen Monkeys" singer Hannah Levine. She answers a few questions about working on Here Come the 123s and lets us know that she will be performing with TMBG live on April 20 in New York.

Kids music site Zooglobble has been running a KidVid Tournament, pitting children's music videos against each other to find the best video of the past year. They Might Be Giants are in the mix with "Seven Days a Week (I Never Go To Work)" and is already in the semi-finals.

Finally, though I'm not sure how recent this is, iTunes has all of the music videos from the Here Come the 123s DVD (aside from the intro and exclusive videos) for download on the iTunes Store.

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