April 17, 2008

Get TMBG Podcast 33B now!

They Might Be Giants' Podcast 33B has just been released. Get it through iTunes or the web!

This podcast, hosted by John Flansburgh, contains some great album tracks, demos, and live recordings by the band. Songs include "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" from the Meet the Robinsons soundtrack, a demo version of "What Bothers the Spaceman?" by Mono Puff, and Here Come the 123s' Amazon exclusive "One Two Three Four" among others.

Make sure to keep your eyes (however many you have) on the Family Podcast too as there is a new installment in the video podcast due tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What's the music with the ring modulated lyrics that's playing behind Flan's commentary?

Kelroy said...

Good podcast! I haven't heard Unrelated Thing in a while.

The Shark said...

I love this band almost as much as I love taffy.