March 6, 2008

Questions for TMBG

This week the Johns were interviewed by papers in Houston and Mississippi about upcoming shows. The Houston Chronicle has a good interview with Linnell about misconceptions about the band, working with the Dust Brothers, and bands whose name is a sentence. Flansburgh, on the other hand, speaks with The Clarion-Ledger on what they are doing next:
"In the summer we're going to figure out how to actually do a proper kids' tour ... It's kind of gotten to a point where we can actually headline a show like that. We're also working on the next adult album in earnest right now. We've got a lot cooking."

If you have a question for They Might Be Giants that wasn't answered in one of these interviews, your question may be asked in Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child's upcoming Q&A with the band. Just post a comment on their site and it could be asked near the end of the month at TMBG's Portsmouth, NH shows. In addition to talking to the Johns, they'll be speaking with Hannah Levine as well, so write away.

Closing out, a new TMBG newsletter was sent out yesterday detailing a lot of the stuff that has appeared on Flans' blog where, in addition to the info about shows and chart placement, he let's us know that Friday's video podcast will be featuring the Here Come the 123s video "Seven."

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