March 28, 2008

"Fake-Believe" Family Podcast and 33A

Friday is Family Podcast day and today's episode is hosted by special guests Barney and Elmo. Or it could just be John and John playing April Fools for a themed edition of the video podcast. The first video is "Fake-Believe" from Here Come the ABCs. Sticking with the April Fools theme, the next song is "Fake-Believe" as well. Or "Fake-Believe Type B" if you want to distinguish the two. "Type B" is a live performance of the song with different lyrics, also on Here Come the ABCs.

This is the first Friday Night Family Podcast to not include a video from Here Come the 123s but I think having two versions of the same song stuck with the theme well. The Johns sing us out of the episode, but not before we get the additional knowledge that the capital of Wyoming is egg salad sandwich.

Podcast 33A in the audio podcast has also been released today. Hosted by John Flansburgh, 33A plays some live tracks in "Where Your Eyes Don't Go" and "Particle Man," some demos in "Extra Savoir-Faire" and "Why Does the Sun Shine?," and a song by friend Laura Cantrell, "Lee Harvey was a Friend of Mine." Sticking to this format, and including new songs as well, gives the podcast a great amount of variety in what is played and I hope we hear more of each category in future podcasts.

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