February 22, 2008

"Pirate Girls Nine" loots Family Podcast

The latest Friday Night Family Podcast has seen the light of day. This week, "Pirate Girls Nine" is the video of choice from Here Come the 123s. A fun song that showcases the many voices of John Flansburgh, "Pirate Girls Nine" is similar to "With the Dark" in that respect. The Johns even dress in pirate garb for the occasion with patches on their eyes and hooks on their hands. The second song is "Z Y X" from their first DVD set, Here Come the ABCs. At the end of the podcast, the Pirate Johns get rowdy, as pirates are wont to do, and end up barking the goodbye song like dogs as the segment devolves into madness.

They Might Be Giants fans get a nod in an article on Vindy.com today. Talking to John Linnell about the upcoming Cleveland, OH concert that kicks off the spring tour, Linnell remarks on the benefits of fans compiling setlists, saying:
"That’s one great thing about having insane, obsessive, compulsive fans, we always do different stuff whenever we come back to a place."

Via Newsarama, you may remember that TMBG collaborator Tony Millionaire created an animated pilot of his strip Maakies, trying to get it made into a television show. Well, as Fantagraphics Books (Millionaire's publisher) points out, it seems that this is going to happen. Remember that TMBG play the theme song for the show, so everyone will get to hear them on TV even more often.

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