February 1, 2008

"One Dozen Monkeys" climbs onto Family Podcast

The They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast has received a new video from the upcoming Here Come the 123s. This week we are treated to the video for "One Dozen Monkeys." The video looks great and the song, sung by Hannah Levine, sounds swell as well. Hannah also sings "Zeroes" which is currently featured on TMBG's MySpace player.

The puppet Johns just can't be stopped, as shown in the intro to the video. Right from the top, John and John rap and beatbox in excitement. We learn that Linnell's favorite animal is the groundhog--according to his cue card--and Flansburgh's is fittingly the monkey. After the main video we get to see "Flying V" from the Here Come the ABCs DVD. At the end of the podcast John and John sing their goodbye song as always. This time they throw some beatboxing into the mix.

Could Here Come the 123s break into the Billboard Top 10? This is the question kids music blog Zooglobble posits. Apparently, albums in the charts have been seeing smaller numbers the past few weeks and TMBG's Here Come the ABCs sold like hotcakes when it debuted. Look over their other chart placings and tune in next week to find out.

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