February 27, 2008

2/23/08 Borders clips on YouTube

They Might Be Giants are starting up their spring tour today, but over the weekend they played a free children's show at Borders. The ten song set included several songs from the new album Here Come the 123s and multiple audience members have posted video of the show onto YouTube. There are two videos of John, John, and Marty setting up and practicing "Apartment Four" and "Flying V" during the soundcheck and user JasonDTube has the entire, 40 minute show recorded in five parts.

Soundcheck: (1 | 2)

Clips from the show:
Entire show: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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Sir Jason DeLima said...

Hi this is JasonDTube, apparantly, I see you put up my videos for show.
Thanks for doing that! I didn't notice till now, and I read these blogs every day!