January 18, 2008

"Nonagon" arrives on Family Podcast

It's Friday again. Time for another installment of the They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast. This week we get another preview look at the upcoming Here Come the 123s CD/DVD through the video for "Nonagon." Sporting a clean presentation, the video complements the song very nicely and latches onto some of the audio cues well.

The podcast also includes the video for "Rolling O" from Here Come the ABCs. They'll probably keep putting an extra video from ABCs in the episodes, so if you like those as well and don't have their first children's DVD yet, go get it!

Also in this podcast is another rendition of the excellent goodbye song heard in the last episode. This time around it required whistling on the part of the puppet Johns; a task not handled well by mouths with no lips. Will we get to hear it sung again next week? And more importantly, will next week's episode be the last? The 25th is the last Friday in January but February 1 is a Friday that comes before Here Come the 123s' release date the following Tuesday on the 5th. Stay subscribed to the feed, which comes in web and iTunes flavors, to find out!

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